Are you selling a subscription service or a membership?

What’s your business: Are you selling a subscription service or a membership? HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS AFTER THE FIRST SALE WILL DETERMINE IF THEY WILL LOVE YOU OR MEEH! Having customer pay you monthly is the cool part about having a subscription service application but what happens when you want more? By more, I […]

How To Easily Retain Your Existing Customers And Also Increase Your Revenue

Losing your SAAS/Membership customers could be painful, or maybe not. As the years go by, we must have all noticed the increase in competition in whatever niche we find ourself and this is something everyone can testify to. This development has also brought a decrease in customer loyalty and an increase in churn rate because […]

5 ways to handle anxiety as an Entrepreneur

There are 3 thing every entrepreneur has in common, the good times, the bad times and the sad times. If nothing is constant in the world of running your own business, then this is one thing that no one can change or total control. Your business will occasionally spiral out of your control and most […]

How Copywriting Can Save Your Business – The Magic Of Selling With Written Words

We all are familiar with selling and what it’s all about. You go out on the street into a market and everyone is trying to sell you something. This is typical to everyone no matter where we live in the world. I used to hate when people try to sell to me because they are […]

7 Hot Gigs You Can Use To Earn Big on Fiverr

Have you ever used Fiverr to make money online? Most of us had tried making money online on Fiverr but many of us have not succeeded in it! Even I failed in Fiverr in my initial days but now I make a decent income from Fiverr around $100-$150/ month from it. Today I am going […]

Affiliate Marketing and the World of Making Money Online

If you’re selling a digital product, then there is another very effective way to gain a lot more sales and that is to get other marketers to promote it for you. The best way to do this is via ‘affiliate marketing’ and learning about affiliate marketing is important if you want to understand a lot […]

What is freelancing & how do I get started?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. While the term “independent contractor” is sometimes used to designate the tax and employment classes of this type of worker, the term freelancing is most common in culture and […]

Get Started With Freelancing On Fiverr

Fiverr is another great freelancing website that allows freelancers to offer their services at a price starting from $5 and earn 80% of the returns. The word Fiverr comes from the number, ‘Five.’   HOW DOES FIVERR WORK? As a freelancer, you offer the services you are going to do, for instance: I will write […]