About me 😊

I'm Nick Antonio.
I am a copywriter & an internet marketer.

Well, unlike most other marketers out there, I started from being a web developer and I worked tirelessly to create good looking works for my clients and then I transitioned to become a crazy, all-out marketer because.

I love to sell, its fun.

Over the years I have worked for several brands both as a marketer and as an affiliate like Genesis group, Upwork, Sqribble and alot of other big brands. You can check them out.


I have developed myself to become a badass copywriter by frequently listening to what a market wants and creating a product description that positions products as a solution.


Being able to speak directly to the potential customers pain point creates a vacuum that only your product can fill up and trust me… I live for that.

I love to create a cool relationship with my clients and students a like because I believe that I can share my passion and joy to the world by writing, without the other BS that comes with working with a conventional ‘please buy my product’ style so-called copywriters.

If you think we can create something cool and awesome that can help your business 10X its ROI, then feel free to contact me… I’m just one click away. 

Let’s Make Your Business Great Again – MYBGA… 🙂